Founded by Jamie Gamble in 2002, Imprint Consulting has served a wide-range of organizations.


Imprint Consulting is highly regarded for the creative use of a wide range of tools and methods. We draw from contemporary approaches like complexity science as well as traditional management theory. We are able to bridge disciplines, sectors and points of view, and favour approaches that engage people and enable their participation. One size does not fit all. Factors like leadership, culture, and context impact the nature of the solution required. We understand the big picture and carefully listen to the needs of our clients before designing a process that aligns with their situation.

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Jamie Gamble

Jamie has an extensive background in designing and delivering consulting projects in a variety of areas including strategy, evaluation and organizational change. A talented writer, excellent facilitator and effective researcher, Jamie has earned acclaim from the many groups he has worked with.

Jamie holds a Masters of Management Degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec where he graduated from the highly-regarded McGill-McConnell Program.  


Collaborators & Associates

Mark Cabaj

Sam Laban


Gregory Woolner

Anita Johnson
Data Visualization

Bridget Graham


Clara Bird

Ola Tjornbo